Anatoly Semenov

Intellectual Property Ombudsman, Office of Entrepreneurs Rights Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation

Russian lawyer, intellectual property expert. Graduated with honors from Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in 1993.

Professional activity:

1993-2001: head of Russian Music Publishing House calculation centre, the first digital music publishing house in Russia, development and realization a number of projects in terms of hardware & software equipment for companies & banks;

2001-2008: CEO of Replicator LLC, raw materials & components supplies for optical storage devices plants, industrial package, foreign economic activity with EU, South-East Asia and other enterprises, logistics (containerized maritime, rail, air and road transportations), quality control of raw materials & products, manufacturers’ factories inspections;

2008-2010: assistant to the Chairman of Subcommittee on Economics & Innovations of the Fifth State Duma Culture Committee for work at the State Duma of the Russian Federation on an ongoing basis. Coordinator of intellectual rights expert working group. Has been awarded Certificate of Merit from the State Duma Administration.

2010-2012: Chairman of the board, CEO of “Cinema Strategy” Non-commercial partnership for audiovisual culture developing assistance; legal representation and entrepreneurs protection in the intellectual property area.

From 2012 till present time: Chairman of the board, CEO of “Community of Copyright & Related Rights Users” Non-commercial partnership. Complex support of business, legal representation and entrepreneurs protection in the intellectual property area.

Social activity:
Representative of Presidential Commissioner for rights of entrepreneurs protection in intellectual property area;
Public advisor of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia;
Head of Intellectual Property Committee of “Business Russia” All-Russian Public Organization Expert Council;
Entrepreneurs legal representative in Supreme and Supreme Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation regarding intellectual property test cases of public interest, as well as in Intellectual Rights Court, arbitration and ordinary courts for civil & administrative disputes in trademarks, commercial designations, patents, copyright & related rights, business reputation protection and antimonopoly legislation fields.
Consultant to Business Development Department of Euroasian Economic Commission;
Consultant to Strategic Development Centre research projects “Parallel import restrictions effect on commodity markets of the Russian Federation” and Economic Policies Institute “Conception of intellectual property rights protection & defense development within Custom Union and Common Economic Space”, Skolkovo Foundation Legal Policy and Social Development Department “Intellectual property & society development: pragmatics time”, Open government and Analysis Centre of the RF Government “Parallel import legalization: risks for investors”, etc.
Expert working groups member and legislative drafter of amending existing intellectual property legislation, including, Civil Code part IV, Agreement on a single system for copyright & related rights management on a collective basis within Custom Union, etc
Author of a number of reports on bills, publications (in “Patents & Licenses”, “Law”, “Property Relations”, “Economics & Life”, “Russian Competition Laws & Economics” and other editions) with regard to intellectual property, including the issues of “Soviet trade designations” legal regulation, “parallel import”, non-tariff customs regulation, collective exercise of copyright & related rights, abuse of intellectual property rights, unfair competition, specificity and limits of trademarks & other identification means legal protection.
Regular participant of thematic seminars and conferences on intellectual property, including Kazan Venture Fair “Contemporary innovative development models of the US, Europe and Asia – is there a one-size-fits-all recipe for Russia?”, TECHNOPROM-2014 International Technological Development Forum in Novosibirsk, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation “Intellectual property XXI century”, Infor-media Russia “Intellectual property valuation, taxation and monetization”, “Intellectual property: law enforcement & judicial practice”, “Telecommunications sector relevant legal issues”, XII Intersectoral Intellectual Property Forum, “Trademarks & other identification means. Protection & commercial exploitation”, IX All-Russian “Copyright & Related Rights Protection” Conference, “Pharmaceutical business in Russia – 2012: changing times”, also Russian Electronic Communication Association “Intellectual property economics in the Internet: innovative business models and copyrighted content monetization opportunities”.


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