Why Us?

  • The Russian education market is filled with courses and programs that deal with cultural management and production. However, most of them lack a connection to strategy and reality of cultural management.
  • This program has a clear idea, which can be formulated this way: managers should manage, creators should create. In other words, everyone should stick to their responsibilities and refrain from taking on someone else’s duties.
  • This program contains the most important and up-to-date information in the field.
  • The program is targeted at practicing managers in various sectors of culture, although it is open to anyone interested in this topic.
  • The program includes FOUR main thematic blocs, linked to traditional art forms: Music, Museums, Theater, Cinema.
  • The program invites and collaborates with Russian and international cultural industry leaders working in different fields.
  • The program is oriented toward cultural practices of the Russian regions. Russia is a country of regions, which is true and important from the point of view of cultural policy and management.
  • Why the Department of Philosophy? This has been one of the three core departments of Moscow State University since it was founded in 1755. The issues related to culture are among the most important research topics in philosophy, both academically and in terms of practical application.

Latest news


Dear friends, colleagues and partners! Our Best Wishes for the New 2019! Together we made significant progress last year. We are facing an even more crucial stage of “Cultural Management Strategy & Practice” implementation ahead of us.


Listen to the interview of Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, “Cultural Management Strategy & Practice” Program Director, on the Orpheus radio in the run-up to the VII International Cultural Forum in Saint Petersburg. Roman Berchenko, deputy CEO of the Orpheus radio on broadcasting & concert activity, is a presenter. The interview is dedicated to Ilgiz Yanbukhtin’s career paths in cultural industry, as well as to formation and development issues of “Cultural Management Strategy & Practice” educational & consulting program which has been presented at the forum.


On November 17 Ilgiz Yanbukhtin presented the program at the VII International Cultural Forum in Saint Petersburg. Presentation took place within “Music” section and was titled “Cultural Management Strategy & Practice” program. Results of 2018″.

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