The MSU Professional Development Program

Cultural Management Strategy & Practice


Program entrance requirements

Types of trainees:

  • cultural officials (heads and employees of culture ministries/departments/offices – federal, regional, municipal);
  • heads and employees of official cultural institutions;
  • private managers (festival organizers, concert producers and promoters);
  • employees of public or private non-profit cultural entities;
  • employees of public and private organizations majoring in marketing, PR, international cultural relations, communications;
  • individuals interested in cultural industry.


Training period

54 academic hours, 6 days, full-time (intramural), accommodation is provided upon request.


General Section

  • Cultural policy & cultural management subjects.
  • Balance between managerial and creative. Culture as a “soft power”.
  • Strategic and management models of cultural policies (Russia, Europe, Asia, America).
  • Culture and cultural industries in the Russian Federation.
  • Culture as economic sector.

Special Section

  • Contemporary cultural institution/entity organizational structure. Cooperate management principles in cultural industry. Template, formation and development. Team building, HR policy, programming, branding.
  • Regional cultural identity (adaptation to particular region in case of a retreat). Analysis, formulation, priorities. Cultural development programs drafting in the regions of Russia: success factors.
  • Cultural management legal aspects. Establishment of intellectual property protection and management system for cultural institutions. Cultural institutions & organizations’ administrative and regulatory risks during the pandemic. Cultural institutions’ legal risks in public procurements and ways to minimize them.
  • Relationship between conveners and subordinate official cultural institutions.
  • Cultural management technologies and know-how in visual arts, music and performing arts: digital marketing in culture, role of the media.
  • Cultural events sponsorship. Fund raising and grant management features.
  • International cultural projects aspects.


Latest news


Dear friends, colleagues and partners! Our Best Wishes for the New 2021! Cultural Management Strategy & Practice continues its development . In 2020  pilot external session in Norilsk took place for the first time in the program’s history. We have new goals and objectives ahead.


On December 26 online stream to continue Culture & Management,  author’s cycle of Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, took place. “Results of passing 2020 in culture” was the main theme of the dialogue between Ilgiz Yanbukhtin and Evgeny Safronov.

Read more “Culture & Management online series. Dialogue with Evgeny Safronov”


On December 19 the stream by the end of the program pilot external session within “Culture & Management” online cycle took place. Read more “Culture & Management online series. Stream by the end of the program external session in Norilsk”

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