The MSU Professional Development Program

Cultural Management Strategy & Practice”


Program entrance requirements:

Officials and employees engaged in:

  • cultural management governmental authorities;
  • federal, regional or municipal cultural institutions;
  • public, non-profit or private cultural organizations;
  • state and private profit-making organizations focusing on marketing, external & public relations, international cultural relations, communications.

Individuals interested in cultural issues.


Training period:

40 hours, 1 week, full-time (intramural), accommodation is provided

Schedule: 6-8 hours/day


General Section

  1. Culture and the arts world system. Cultural policy & management subjects. Balance between managerial and creative. Culture as a “soft power”.
  2. Genesis of culture. Main epochs and styles of different kinds of art. Traditional & contemporary performing arts.
  3. Strategic and management models of cultural policies (Russia, Europe, Asia, America). Project making and project promotion technologies in visual arts, music and other kinds of art.

Special section

  1. Regional cultural identity. Analysis, formulation, priorities. Cultural development programs drafting in the regions of Russia: success factors (roundtable or practical training format).
  2. Culture as a sector of the economy and cultural economics. Potential and reality.
  3. Legal aspects of cultural management (contract system, intellectual property)
  4. Master classes and guest lectures