Culture & Management online series. Dialogue with Marina Andreykina


On June 20 the dialogue between Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, New Russian Classics Company CEO, and Marina Andreykina, First Deputy Artistic Director & CEO of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, took place.

Dialogue topics:
-Russian theatres after the quarantine: damage, scenarios of developing and recovery dates, repertoire policy changes;
-organizational structure of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre and development strategy;
-theatre management specificity. Collaboration between managers and creators: who is more important? Russian and international experience;
-founders, managers and creators. Is a single management model possible in terms of all performing arts or not?
-is there a system human resources management policy in theatre community?
-online format in performing arts. Is it a necessary measure, a popular trend or a promising separate area? Compatability with live format.

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