Culture & Management online series. Dialogue with Evgeny Safronov


On July 11 the dialogue between Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, New Russian Classics Company CEO, and Evgeny Safronov, InterMedia communication holding founder & editor-in-chief, took place.

Dialogue topics:
-is there a single cultural policy in Russia? What are its criteria? What is the structure of cultural sector in Russia? Perspectives of state and public & private management in culture. What is cultural community self-organization?
-statement by Olga Lyubimova, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, on “tragic plots” exclusion, when creators are dealing with money – is it an upcoming system sector-wide decision or a tactical move?
-what is the necessity of amendments to Russian cultural legislation and why is it important to define basic sectoral notions;
-what was the effect of the pandemic on cultural industries? Possible scenarios of recovery.

Watch the stream record –

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Dear friends, colleagues and partners! Our Best Wishes for the New 2021! Cultural Management Strategy & Practice continues its development . In 2020  pilot external session in Norilsk took place for the first time in the program’s history. We have new goals and objectives ahead.


On December 26 online stream to continue Culture & Management,  author’s cycle of Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, took place. “Results of passing 2020 in culture” was the main theme of the dialogue between Ilgiz Yanbukhtin and Evgeny Safronov.

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On December 19 the stream by the end of the program pilot external session within “Culture & Management” online cycle took place. Read more “Culture & Management online series. Stream by the end of the program external session in Norilsk”

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