Vladimir Mironov

Professor, Department of Philosophy Dean, MSU

Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member, Dr. phil., professor, member of Russian Academy of Science Academic Council on artificial intelligence methodology, co-chairman of International Scientific & Technical Development Interdisciplinary Researches and Innovative Policy of Karlsruhe University (Germany), chairman of Doctoral Dissertation Council of MSU on “Ontology & Cognitive Theory”, “Science & Technique”, Russian Philosophical Community vice-president, editor-in-chief of MSU Bulletin (Series 7, Philosophy), editorial board member of “Philosophy Issues”, “Russian Philosophical Community Bulletin” and Philosophical Sciences” magazines, international editorial board member of “Personality. Culture. Society” magazine. Initiator of Philosophy Faculties Association of Russia and MSU Department of Philosophy Graduates’ Association founding.

Department of Philosophy, MSU (1974-1979);
MSU Department of Philosophy full-time postgraduate study (1979-1981).

Teaching activity
Since 1981 – has been teaching at MSU Department of Philosophy – junior research assistant; senior teacher (from 1983), associate professor (from 1988), professor (from 1998)
Head of Ontology & Cognitive Theory Department (from 1998).

Area of expertise
Specialist in theory of philosophy and philosophy of culture; research sphere – philosophy peculiarities as dual form of consciousness which harmoniously combines rational & theoretic with value & emotional components.

More than 150 printed sheets publications. Author of the articles on philosophy and science balance issues, philosophy place in culture system; author of op-ed articles as on philosophical issues as educational problems in general and assessment of educational modernization processes in Russia.

In 2008 was elected Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member.

Administrative activity
Department of Philosophy Dean, MSU (since 1998 till present time);
On Academic Council decision in June 1998 was elected dean of MSU Department of Philosophy (reelected in 2003, 2008 and 2013);
Expert board chairman of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation on philosophy, sociology and cultural studies (2005-2013);
Vice-rector and Head of Academic Policy & Studies Organization Department of MSU (2001-2007);
Deputy dean for educational work, MSU Department of Philosophy (1988-1998).

Medal of the Order for the Services to the Fatherland, 1st class (2013);
Moscow University Honorary Professor (2009);
M. Lomonosov Award (2nd class) Laureate for scientific work (2007).
“Philosophy and Culture Metamorphosis” monograph;
Medal of the Order for the Services to the Fatherland, 2nd class (2005);
Medal for “Strengthening Military Cooperation” from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (2005);
Lomonosov Award Laureate for pedagogical activities (2003);
Honored Higher Professional Education Worker of the Russian Federation (2002).

Classical culture model

Culture transformation in global communication space

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